Phone Apple TV – now prefect in the office and at home

With the latest Apple TV now available for under $100, its a gaget that has a really big impact.

Its does a great job at home for sharing pictures, music or movies on the LCD TV in the lounge room.

The mirroring feature from Apple iPhones and iPad allow you to show the contents of your phone / iPad on the TV. So for catch up TV apps like ABC iView and SBS OnDemand it is the perfect solution without upgrading your TV to a smart TV with the built in apps.

In the office boardroom it is also has its place. With some part software like Screen Parrot  a windows laptop can be mirrored to the boardroom projector or LCD – all thought the Apple TV. A Macbook Pro will do this natively without special software.

So for $100 plus a HDMI cable you can transform the way you watch movies at home and stream presentations or spreadsheets to the big screen in the office.


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