Phone Backup, Backup, Backup

Do you know that your backup ran last night? Would you be able to use it to recover missing files, or more importantly restore your whole server in case of a disaster? When was the last time your did a trial restore to check it was working and you could restore from it?

If you can answer yes to all these questions, then go and make yourself a coffee and have an extra chocolate biscuit. Well done.

If your not sure about the reliability of the backups, or worse you know the backup doesn’t work and has never been tested, then we need to do some work.

A business without a working, tested backup is asking for trouble and lots of it. All it takes is an employee to delete and important file, the server to have a harddisk failure, or worse your premise is broken into over night and the server is missing when you arrive in the morning.

We deal with these types of problems and disasters all the time. Not a fun part of our job, but our clients rely on our expertise to get them out of trouble, get their computers working again and all with a minimum of downtime.

Good systems is the answer. Automation is essential, so the backup happens automatically. Our office is notified when the job is completed so we can catch the failures.

The tape or disk is swapped each day by a trusted staff member so there is always a recent backup stored off site.
Then normally once every couple of months we test the backup by doing a trial restore of some random files during our monthly site visit.

Not rocket science, but a little bit of process and we all can rest a little easier knowing if a disaster strikes we have a good chance to make it out in one piece.

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