IT Medic EFM Broadband service

Ethernet over Copper

Would you like to improve the speed of the remote access out of the office?

This particular service could be used as a dedicated pipe just for remote access. This will improve the speed for the guys working from home and when  you are out of the office working remotely..

This is similar to what the NBN will offer but at least 2 years ahead of the NBN.

We can offer you an Up to 10mb/10mb Internet connection based on a 4 Wire EFM service with Unlimited data usage.S o that 10 MB download speed and 10 MB upload speed. Great for terminal server access.

You can expect speeds up to 10MB/10MB in the right location (less than 1 mile from the exchange), but there is no guarantee you will  get 10mb/10mb.  The speed will degrade with distance and line quality.

This is an internet service that can used for a Layer 3 VPN (router to router VPN)

Includes 1 Static IP address

Standard 99.9 % uptime SLA

Unlimited data usage

24 month contract

Payment by direct debit.

  Perfect for remote access to the office or data centre for cloud services.

Available Australia wide in selected Exchanges

Setup – $1350.00 inc GST once off.

Monthly Cost – $330.00 inc GST


If the service is unusable there will be no installation charge.It would be a 24 month contract and will cost $1350.00 to move to the new office if you move.