Here are some testimonials from clients.

IT People with a personality that deliver!
I am putting pen to paper (or fingers on keyboard) to say a big thank you.

We are very happy with what you have done for our business’ IT infrastructure,  As you know we had been out sourcing our IT services to another company for 5 years.  When we recognised that we should explore other options we were recommended 3 providers, IT Medic being one of them,  Following an exhaustive process we are pleased we have chosen your company.

“IT” is so critical in today’s world, and partnering with a provider that understands your requirements, is up to date and delivers on what is promised can have a real positive impact on your business.  IT Medic has so far shown that they tick all of these boxes,

The recent installation of our new server has been handled with the utmost professionalism, The most refreshing part of the process has been dealing with Yourself, Chris and your team, As someone in our office said, “I am not used to dealing with IT people that have a personality”,  Although we have had a couple of hiccups along the way you have dealt with them have meant there has been very minimal disruption to our operations,

I do not very often take the time to write a letter like this as I think there is so much unsatisfactory service these days.  It’s refreshing to deal with someone that provides such good service.  That said I would not hesitate in recommending  IT Medic for anyone looking for a new IT provider.

Looking forward to continuing to work with IT Medic in the future.

Bruce Jones
A1 Office Fitouts – Director

“Thanks to IT Medic, and in particular Michael Felder, our entire office has been revamped and brought into the 21st Century.  

Not only does Michael recommend WHAT we should be using, but he also spends the time in showing us HOW to get the most out of it. 

It is comforting knowing that service and advice is only a phone call away, and Michael more often than not fixes any issues we have before we even know about it!!  Allowing us to get on with our business.   I would recommend Michael and his team to anyone who needs honest, hassle free IT Support for their business.”

Morris Winestone – Winestone & Associates P/L



“IT Medic (Michael) has been with us from the start in 1996, buying the business. We have experienced a very rapid growth and he has enabled our computer systems to grow at the same pace.

For Customer Service providing more information quickly is a constant requirement and Michael has always been able to supply the systems needed from the consumables to networking to web design. We get a lot of positive feedback from our website which directly generates to sales.

When a computer fails, knowing that reliable help is only a phone call away is critical to me and many problems can be solved over the phone. The label of life saver? has been used on many occasions.”

Maryanne Sargent – Ace Of Shades



“This is what we want from our IT Guy. A service that will detect any potential issues early and then fix them before they become problems. So that we don’t end up off the air for a couple of days while we wait for the tech to arrive…Good work IT Medic.”

Adrian Harris – PJLeggett Accountants