Phone Cloud File sync – a dropbox for your business

Many businesses want to be able to securely share files with their external business partners and contractors. They don’t want to copy or move all their files and folders – just share the folders for particular projects or contracts.

The IT Medic Cloud Sync allows a live folder on your file server to be synchronised to a cloud based server for sharing. The 3rd party is given a web login and can view and update files from their laptop, ipad, iphone, tablet where every they are.

Its simular to a dropbox product for business but there is no extra copy of your files in the the dropbox folder, so your not double handling the files.

It is a live sync so changes go both directions. Any changes made offsite and updated on the office file server so your staff are viewing the latest stuff.

We currently use it for Projects where some staff will work onsite for a while, building jobs where the project managers want to be able to view all the plans and excel schedules live on their iPads as walk around the job site. We also have marketing specialists sharing files with their clients directly.

I am sure you can think of some examples of how it could help you.

It can also be used at home to share files between the home PC and all the other tablets and laptops.

Contact IT Medic for more information – 1300 486 334.

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