Phone Could you find your iPhone?

Could you find your iPhone/iPad if it was Stolen?

iPhones and iPads are effective business tools that have been growing in popularity for a while. They are also increasingly becoming the target of petty crime and being stolen reguarly.

If your iPhone was lost of stolen would you know where to look?  What about the information on your phone falling into the wrong hands?

Did you know there is a app you can install to allow you locate your device if it goes missing or gets stolen?

 A free app called Find my Phone allows you to track where your phone was last connected to the Interent and displays it on a google maps.

Just follow the instructions below to setup Find my Phone and then use MobileMe to track your phone location.

Sensitive information on your device? It can be remotely wiped, or a message displayed on the screen to call home if found. At close to $1000 per device it makes sense to use technology to assist in locating your phone, but it can be useful to help the police too!.

Read about how an Australian family tracked there stolen phones and got them returned.The Age Article.

IT Medic are happy to assist you in checking if you have setup Find My Phone on your iPhones and iPad. Please just ask.


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