Phone I get a lot of SPAM in my mailbox

If you get a lot of spam there are number of reasons but it is important to get it under control as these days the virus writers and the spammers work closely together.
So if you are getting lots of SPAM then you have a very high risk of viruses too.

So how do you stop the SPAM?

For business running an exchange server the easiest solution is to use 3rd party email filtering service like the IT Medic Spam Defender.
All your email is sent via the Spam Defender and it removes the viruses and SPAM> Delivering just the clean email to your office. Saving time to sort through the rubbish and the reducing the load on your internet pipe at the same time.
Most importantly it is keeping the viruses at bay.

If you have a simple POP mailbox then you can either get your ISP or hosting company to remove as much SPAM as possible, then install a good antivirus software that includes a anti-spam module.

If you need some assistance then please contract IT Medic sales.

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