Phone I want to have my own domain name. How does it work?

If you want to be able to send email as then you need to own your own domain name.
A typical domain for an australian business is registered for 2 years and then renewed each 2 years after that.

Once you have the domain then you need to get it hosted so that it is available to start using it for email and a website.

So the costs for your own domain are:
Domain registration: $85.00 per 2 years (you need to have an Australia ABN or Business Number)
Email only hosting if no website is required – $10 per month
Web and Email hosting – $30 per month
We also offer Hosted Exchange which will allow your smartphone and Outlook to be kept in sync – $30 per month per mailbox. (this includes sharepoint too)

If you want more information please contact IT Medic sales and we will assist you further.

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