Cloud Backup

IT Medic Cloud Backup – Online Managed Backup Service

Backup two computers for $45 per month

Why do you need a cloud backup?

  • To protect important files you can’t afford to lose
    • Family Photos
    • Documents
    • Business information.
    • Music library
    • Important data
    • MYOB / Quick books files

Why do you need an automatic offsite backup?

  • Data gets deleted and computer storage fails.
  • To Protect against a fire. Even is a fire proof save will not withstand very hot fires.
  • To Protect against theft.
  • Humans forget to take backups off site (home)

Why IT Medic Cloud Backup is for you?

  • Set and forget (it just works)
  • Data is encrypted and sits in a secure protected data centre in Melbourne.
  • Fast data retrieval on USB drive if required
  • Add additional computers to the backup system as required.

How much does it cost?

Starting from only $45 per month for 100 GB of storage at our secure cloud.

Most computers will have less than 100GB of information – so $45 per month is all you will pay.

  • Includes two computers or one server.
  • Extra Computers / Macs – $4.00 per month
  • Extra Servers – $8.00 per month
Cloud Storage            Monthly Cost

0GB- 100GB$ 45 per month
100GB- 200GB $82 per month
200GB- 300GB $117 per month
300GB- 400GB $150 per month
400GB- 500GB $181 per month
500GB- 600GB $210 per month
600GB- 700GB $237 per month
700GB- 800GB $260 per month
800GB – 900GB $281 per month
900GB – 1 TB $300 per month


To sign up please call the IT Medic Office  – 1300 486 334

We can get you started right away.