Moving Office – We will manage your IT move

Moving offices can be overwhelming so Let IT Medic mange the moving of your IT equipment.

There are many aspects to moving an office, but the most important aspect is planning so you don’t end up with unexpected downtime due to surprises.

We have years of experience moving our clients IT equipment between offices with little or no downtime, depending on the requirement. Working well with other trades is essential to get the project completed on time, on budget.

The key requirement to a successful move is good planning.

  • Do a site survey of the new office before you accept the lease on the new premise:
    • Check for Internet availability
    • Phone line availability
    • Power
    • Internal wiring
    • Wireless interference
    • Secure Lockable utility / server room
  • Meet with relevant parties  to get an idea of the cost of the move and the renovation work required.
  • Organise services for the new office
    • Internet
    • Phone( VOIP if required or virtual PBX)
    • Power connections
    • Internal network wiring
  • Plan the day of the move
    • Who moves which equipment?
    • When it will be switched off?
    • What sort of downtime is expectable?
  • Back out plan
  • Availability during the first week of operation to ensure the systems are working as planning and expected.
For more information on how we can assist you in moving office please call our office on 1300 IT MEDIC.