Phone Open your company documents on the iPad – where ever you are.

The iPad is a great device for pleasure and getting a lot better as business productivity tool. I am sure we have all sat in meetings when the iPad is whipped out and the owner starts showing off websites with fancy graphs or design ideas.

But what about getting access to documents in the office when you are out of the office at a clients or cafe?

How about an app to connect to the office via a VPN, then to securely browse the same documents you see when you are in the office.

With the combination of the Sonicwall Mobile Connect app and File Browser app, you have access to your companies shared document where ever you are as long as there is internet access.

It is easy to setup and works a treat. Combine it with one of the Office Apps available and you can edit and save word or excel documents on your iPad – then save them back to your server in the office.

Want to go one step further and remote control you office computer with the iPad? Easy just use Pocket cloud to remote control your windows PC or Terminal Server session.

What a time saver!

We would be happy to show you how it is done – 1300 486 334.

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