Phone Sonicwall release the TZ215 Next Generation Firewall

Today I attended a Sonicwall marketing seminar. It was an interesting event and I learnt that in the US the new version of the Sonicwall TZ210 was release, the Sonicwall TZ215.

So whats the difference between the tried and test TZ210 and the new sibling TZ215?

In a nutshell speed and throughput!

They both will run the same firmware as do all the units in the Sonicwall range, but the throughput on the new unit is up on all counts.

The price will be the same and the new features developed for the Sonciwall flagship Super Massive range of enterprise units will flow through to the SMB units.

Also look out for the new features in OS5.9 and the OS6.0 later in the year.

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