Phone Sonicwalls keep the nasties at bay

The Sonicwall UTM devices do a great job as the network gatekeeper. They sit between your office and the outside world and protect you from the great unwashed internet. Protecting you by filtering all the traffic that flow in and out of your office.

So what is so special about them you might say, the router we have at the moment does the same thing?

There specialty is the security services that run inside the Sonicwall devices. They have Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware,  Anti-Maleware, and intrusion protection services that inspect all the traffic looking for undesirable packets.

These services can all be configured to suit your business. If Skye is required for business we can allow Skype to work, but block MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger. Or it can be configured to allow Skye video but block Skype chat. This is one example of the capabilities.

We can give priority to Terminal Server traffic and stop staff looking at facebook during the day. Maybe staff are allowed to use facebook during lunch time only, then this is another option.

They also provide remote access to your office from laptops or home computer. During the swine flu outbreak companies purchased these units just as remote access devices, so their staff could work remotely without having to travel.

Lets not stop there, the Sonicwalls also will support a 3G modem to provide you with the internet when your main ASDL goes off.

The most important observation that has been made over the last few years, the reduced number of infections at sites with the Sonicwall installed. There have been very few compared to those with a normal simple router.

The Sonicwall does a good job of keeping your data and network safe. Which means higher network uptime and better productivity.


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