Phone Stream movies to your TV without iTunes

Having been using an Apple TV and iTunes for the last 6 months to view movies and videos on my computer – I went looking for a system that was less restricted by movie format and would work on all our devices.

I wanted to be able to show old home movies from my video camera without having to re-encode them in an Apple format.

Thats when I found Plex.

It is really simple – run the Plex Media Server on your computer or NAS – the location where the movies are stored or saved. Once you have told the program which folders are for home movies, TV shows, Films, Music, Pictures etc. just download the Plex app on your iPhone, iPad or Andriod device – and start streaming.

We have an Apple TV but Plex works with Google Chrome cast and Smart TVs.

At $AU6.49  for the app you can afford to give it a try – let your self be impressed with how it presents the media for you to enjoy.

If you need help we can assist. – 1300 486 334






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