Phone When a Key Staff Member Resigns

I have just heard on the grape vine that your general manager has resigned.


From an IT and security view point we would normally make some recommendations to the business owners to  protect their business from wrong doing.

It might sound simple but it is very easy for a person with an axe to grind to cause big problems. Especially with good remote access and many software applications program available online  from outside the office.

It is recommended that all passwords relating to the business are changed

          Network Administrator password

          Staff PC passwords (we can force this)

          Supplier website logins have their passwords changed.

          Client website logins have their passwords changed.

          Internet Banking passwords are changed

          Door keypad security codes are changed

          Alarms System security Codes are changed


This may seem over the top but it not only protects you, it protects the person leaving too.


Also many staff will attempt to email themselves client databasesor sensitive documents that they have written  to take to the next job. This is not that easy to stop without specialised software.

One simple approach is to make a copy of all outgoing email from the staff member so it can be proven that they have taken information that is not theirs. This is less than ideal as the sensitive info may already have been sent.

A email filtering system will allow you to setup email rules that will halt sensitive email and divert them to an administrator for approval. These systems give the business owner lots of control over the types of emails that are sent from the business. Most also have an archiving system attached so old emails can be found about transactions that occurred in the past.

Many staff will delete their inbox, it is recommended to make a copy of the their mailbox as soon as they resign.

We deal with staff leaving often and happy to assign and offer advice.


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