Phone Why do I need to renew my Sonicwall security services?

The security services running inside the Sonicwall UTM are very important to the level of security you achieve.

Without an active security license on the sonicwall there will be no:

– Gateway Antivirus – all traffic scanned for Viruses and malware.

– Intrusion protection – Block attacks inside application packets.

– Spyware Blocking – Any spyware on computers trying to “phone home” will be blocked.

– Content Filtering – Restrict staff access to web site category by group or Active Directory group.

– Restrict application usage – Restrict applications on the network like Skype Chat or Facebook games
– Bandwidth manage the Internet pipe – restrict the speed of YouTube during the business day.

– Dynamic support – firmware downloads, access to sonicwall support.

We recommend the CGSS (content gateway security services) package, which if purchased over 2 or 3 years will be cheaper, plus you can often upgade to a new sonicwall device for the price of the security service.

Please call our office for more information – 1300 486 334.

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