Phone Why is this so hard…How to shut down Windows 8

I installed windows 8 on a new computer to learn how to use it. This is what all good IT consultants should be doing when a new operating system is released.

The first thing that really did my head in was restarting the computer.

Yes it used to be hanging off the start menu (funny name – but smart place). Now it is hidden 3 clicks deep to just restart the machine.

Is Microsoft pretending their software never needs a restart? Or do they think it will only be installed on a tablet and not PCs.

Either way here is how to restart a windows 8 PC or tablet.

1 – Mover the mouse in the bottom right corner of the screen on the taskbar (or press Windows – C)

2 – Press the power button

3 – Choose Restart or Shutdown

Three clicks…so simple!


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